Dr Woffles Wu - An Singapore Icon In The Medical World

Dr. Woffles Wu Tze Liang, more commonly recognised as Dr. Woffles Wu, is perhaps one of the most prolific and innovative plastic surgeons in Asia. He is known for making waves and ground-breaking developments in the field of plastic surgery, as well as being a Singaporean art connoisseur and media personality.

No less than the Hong Kong Press has dubbed Dr. Wu as Asia’s Beauty Guru. Today, remains as one of the most sought after speakers on plastic surgery around the world.

Educational Background

Dr. Wu acquired his MBSS degree from the National University of Singapore while practicing paediatrics at the Changi General Hospital (formerly the Toa Payoh Hospital). He was a fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore and the Royale College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He worked as a plastic surgeon for 12 years at the Singapore General Hospital before setting up his own private practice at Singapore’s Camden Medical Centre.

In 1990, he won the Young Surgeon of the Year Award for his research on nasal anatomy. He also received the SEAMIC scholarship in the same year, giving him the opportunity to study under the best reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons in Asia.

Dr. Woffles Wu’s Philosophy on Plastic Surgery 

To Dr. Wu, aesthetic surgery isn’t just about transforming or changing the physical appearance of a person for the sake of vanity. He believes that aesthetic surgery is a practice that integrates art, architecture, and medicine together.

He even stated that aesthetic or cosmetic surgery is like psychiatry with a knife. It not only gives you the power to remodel a person’s body or face. This field also enables surgeons to help people improve their self-esteem and social skills.

According to Dr. Wu, being an aesthetic surgeon in Singapore not only requires a high level of technical proficiency. To be a great surgeon, you also have to hold a great sense of responsibility and humility. This means that you have to properly perform a careful assessment through a series of interviews before accepting patients.

You have to know if your patients’ expectations are realistic, and if their motivations for the aesthetic surgery is justified or not. If you think your patient might be suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, you must not take advantage of their vulnerability for the sake of money. Only when you understand this philosophy will you fully evolve as a plastic surgeon.

Techniques and Innovations   

Dr. Wu is known to be one of the greatest innovators in the field of modern plastic surgery. He has invented techniques in Botox and fillers, as well as pioneered methods like the breast “stealth” scar and thread lift.

He has reinvented the concept of Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation (NSFR), and has even conceptualised its four pillars. He calls it his 4R Principle: Relax, Restore, Resurface, and Redrape. Basically. Dr. Wu uses synthetic fillers to restore the volume lost from the face. The skin envelope resurfaces by utilising non-ablative lasers, radiofrequency, and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

Perhaps one of Mr. Wu’s most renowned techniques to date is the Woffles Lift. This distinctive, non-surgical technique is done by injecting several lines of self-retaining barbed threats into the face and out through the scalp. The process allows the sagging tissues to elevate in a rather more natural direction.

The Woffles Lift is unique, as it removes the need for stitches in the skin. With this method, the fine needle would leave no permanent marks on the face at all. The resulting look is as natural and fine-looking as possible. 

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Unlike traditional facelifts that would take 5 hours, this procedure takes about 20 to 40 minutes only. It involves minimal bruising or swelling, and allows patients to recover in 24 hours or less. As the Woffles Lift rejuvenates without excising the skin, patients will be free to resume any of their activities immediately after the procedure.

The procedure is typically performed on people in their mid-30s to late 50s. It has even been successfully applied to patients in their 70s. With Dr. Wu’s technique, patients would be able to look up to 15 years younger. The Woffles Lift lasts for about 2 to 4 years. After this time, patents will need to book another procedure to recover their revitalised look.

Doctors from around the world all recognise the genius of the Woffles Lift. To help shape the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Wu conducts international workshops and lectures around the world.

Transforming the Face of Plastic Surgery as We Know It  

Dr. Wu has built a steady career through the years. At the moment, he is still persistently developing other advanced, non-invasive techniques that would not just guarantee incredible results, but also minimise or even eliminate any form of scarring at all. His passion for beauty, form, and harmony makes him one of the best artists that the world has today.

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