The Real Costs of Breast Augmentation in 2017

You may be looking at the mirror, thinking on having breast augmentation. Women and even men can get breast implants to make their breasts bigger and fuller.  That can be done for reconstructive purposes, such as after mastectomy for breast cancer, or for cosmetic reasons. However, before you undergo this procedure, you must think whether the benefits overcome its costs.   We list down a few things you need to consider below.   Money   The cost of this operation is typically pegged at 3,525 USD - 9,200 USD, 6,450 USD in average. Costs depend on surgeon, geographic region, and the complexity of the... Read more

3 Things You Need to Know about Your Breast Implants

Here are three things you should remember about your breast implants. 
1. You cannot use it to store illegal paraphernalia, namely, weapons and drugs. Don't even dare! Just recently, a Colombian woman has been arrested in Germany for smuggling cocaine weighing at least 2 pounds. The cocaine was found inside the woman's breast implants. The arrest happened during an inspection where the woman was found to have new surgery scars and was complaining of pain. This was the first time that an incident of such circumstance happened in Germany.

The woman then reportedly admitted to carrying the drugs,
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