Patrol Challenge Weekend and Campout

Camping is something Precursors do. The majority of us Precursors and Scouters like it. Getting in the out-of-doors. Belonging of nature. Seeing the amzaing works of God’s hand in the very first individual … Yet, how do we do camping as a system throughout COVID-19 situation? Here is just how our troop did this along with 6 other soldiers in the our council.

For the past 8 years, our army has actually held a Patrol Obstacle weekend break influenced by the tv program produced by the National Geographic labelled ‘Harder than a Police’. Throughout this patrol oriented weekend, the patrols exist with a selection of obstacles; many are traditional Scouting difficulties that variety from first-aid, team-work, fire beginning, lashing relays, food preparation, camp gizmo building and more. For the afternoon difficulties, the patrols are offered a map with a dot on it. The dot determines the location of their difficulty. They must discover the obstacle utilizing their navigating abilities. When they do locate it, they must successfully finish the challenge to get the following dot on the map. The more challenges they finish, the even more factors they rack up. The frist two years, this weekend was with our army alone. Third year, we welcomed another army to join us. Since then we have actually maintained it ‘tiny’ with 6 soldiers getting involved.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit us all, this forced us to terminate the in-person difficulty weekend and also generate a various way to run this difficulty weekend.

So, the Virtual Tougher Precursor Difficulty Weekend was created.

We desired something that would still test the Scouts with “old-school” Scouting skills … As well as still supply a method for patrols to contend against each other. This is what we developed:

A weekend break event.
1.Precursors would pitch camping tents as well as camp in their garden.
2.The schedule would certainly adhere to a comparable schedule to the real-time obstacle weekend break.
3.It would certainly still be Scout-led. A Precursor was appointed as the camp principal and also he supervised of organizing the weekend as well as keeping it on time. The Precursors would run the alignment, the openning, the difficulty kick-off, the campfire, the Precursor’s own Solution and the closing.
4.Grownups would run break-out area organized obstacles as well as kahoot difficulties so that all Scouts would have the ability to take part.
5.There would be physical as well as ability difficulties which would be carried out in their gardens and also with member of the family.
6.There would be difficulties that would be hosted with video conferencing.
7.There would be difficulties that would be hosted through solutions like
8.Precursors would certainly be racked up for their private efficiency.
9.Patrol member points would be totaled as well as balanced to compute the patrol’s rating.
10.Army participant points would certainly be totaled and averaged to calcualte the troop’s score.
11.Awards would certainly be presented to the individual Precursor for challenges they did and also positioned 1st, second or third.
12.Honors would certainly exist to the patrols for the highest 3 ordinary scores.
13.Honors would certainly be presented to soldiers for the highest 3 typical ratings.
14.Patches were provided to all individuals: Scouts, Adults, and also member of the family.

Technologies used to Host the Virtual Campout
We pulled together a variety of different innovations for this obstacle weekend. From physical obstacles to digital photography to video conferencing to group partnership software to educational gamification. I’ll define exactly how we used each of these below.

Digital Cameras/Cell phone

Among goals was to obtain the Scouts outside, off their computer game, and to inspire them to do the best they can. So, all Precursor Leaders included urged their scouts to pitch tents in their back yards and to oversleep them over the weekend. We created a collection of difficulties that would certainly be best done outdoors and also challenges that they would need to entail a 2nd individual to finish. This urged relative to participate on the enjoyable.

Digital Photography
With 85 Scouts develop 7 soldiers getting involved, we needed a method for Precursors to send evidence that they finished an obstacle and also to offer a means for their completed challenges to be evaluated and granted factors. For many of the obstacles, this indicated that the Scout would need to take an image of their completed challenge or video document themselves carrying out the challenge and also submit the picture/video to the corresponding challenge network. This normally suggested that Digital Photography was mosting likely to be a call for tool.