IV Chemical Peel: A Different Kind of Chemical Peel

If you have done everything in the last few months and yet you have not noticed any significant change, it is time to step it up and go for a better facial.  There is a different kind of chemical peel in town and it will definitely give that smooth, supple, and even facial skin texture that you have been trying to achieve. 

Done right and regularly, the VI chemical peel works wonders.  It basically gets rid of the damaged epidermis (outer layer of the skin) to produce a singular glow that would be the envy of money.  It has been proven to be an effective antidote to increasing age spots, hyper-pigmentation, and sun damage. It is also known to target fine lines and acne scars.  This is because it has the necessary ingredients like Phenol, TCA, Retinol A, and Vitamin C to get that firmer finish.  All have cleansing and anti-aging properties plus it is completely acid free making it less prone to cause skin irritation. The VI peel is the latest in chemical peel technology and based on reviews both on a practical and results-based level, this procedure will surely not disappoint. The important thing to note here is that you need a trusted doctor to do the procedure.
While the VI Peel might feel less intense than some other chemical peels that can be used at home the VI Peel yields greater product penetration and peeling effects on the skin.  It feels less intense most likely because the phenol solution that is used in the peel creates a numbing effect on the skin. This allows for the solution to be tolerated easily but don't let it deceive you into thinking it is safe for home use or that it is a gentle peel.  The ingredients are strong TCA, Salicylic, Phenol and should be monitored by a physician to ensure the peel is safe for your skin, considering your skin type, daily skincare regimen, other medications that might interact, allergies, etc.  Additionally, the VI Peel solution is a runny liquid that should be applied by a professional while your eyes are closed. (Source)

 An inclusive procedure

While you need professional help to get a VI peel, the best thing about it is that it goes with practically any skin type.  Observable peeling takes three days at the most so this short downtime will allow you to go back to work after undergoing the procedure on a weekend.  What you just have to be careful with is how your skin reacts to the procedure. 

Some reported responses include itchiness, dryness, and hyper-pigmentation and all are perfectly natural.  Just make sure you check in with your trusted doctor to get a solution or anti-histamine that can be an effective counter-weight to some natural side-effects. Among the most common reactions is hyper-pigmentation.
This is very common in patients with darker skin color. There are definite ways to help this condition along. The options include triluma, or a triple combination of retin A 0.1%, Hydroquinone 4%, and hydrocortisone 1%. This can help the darker appearance. Also with this you can do microdermabrasion which can be done at 1-2 week intervals. Repeating superficial chemical peels is another option that can also be done in between microdermabrasion at 1-2 week intervals. Staying out of the sun and wearing sunscreen is ultra important. The next time you have a peel you should have your doctor carry out a less aggressive peel. Don't worry though help is out there and this will pass.  Consulting a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon is what I would recommend. We specialize in the face and neck and are better qualified to help you in this area. (Source)

 The results

The amazing results of the VI chemical peel cannot be denied.  Your facial skin will have that firm, youthful, attention-catching texture that you have been pining to have.  Typically three succeeding peels scheduled one month apart, this is one facial procedure that is truly worth the investment. Check with Cosmeticsurgeryclinic.com.com/about-dr-martin-huang now so you can both create the perfect VI peel dermaplan for you.